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  • Advanced Fraud Monitoring
    Advanced Fraud Monitoring

    With Advanced Fraud Monitoring you will receive virtually real time alerts when lenders, such as banks, auto dealers, mortgage companies and government agencies, request a copy of your credit report. Early notification helps you stop fraudulent attempts to open a new account or increase a line of credit. Any credit activity can hurt your credit score.

  • Bank Account Monitoring
    Bank Account Monitoring

    Continuously scan thousands of criminal websites for illegal use of your bank account information.

  • Credit Card Monitoring
    Credit Card Monitoring

    High speed alerts warn you if your credit card is compromised to help avoid drawn out disputes with credit card companies.

  • SSN Monitoring
    SSN Monitoring

    Receive an alert if your SSN is linked to suspicious activity and help prevent anyone from claiming your social security benefits.

  • Identity Monitoring
    Identity Monitoring

    Continuously scan thousands of criminal web sites for the illegal use of your personal information.

  • Bank and Credit Card Activity
    Bank and Credit Card Activity

    Receive email and mobile text alerts when a charge, withdrawal or balance transfer exceeds a dollar amount determined by you. Help quickly spot credit card fraud and bank account fraud in one centralized place.

  • Court Record and Sex Offender Monitoring
    Court Record and Sex Offender Monitoring

    Continuously search millions of criminal and court records to determine if your identity has been used by any unauthorized individuals.

  • Pay Day Loan Monitoring
    Pay Day Loan Monitoring

    Immediately alert you to any payday or quick cash loans that were obtained using your social security number.


Alert & Protect

  • Anti-Keylogging Software
    Anti-Keylogging Software

    Anti-keylogging software protect you while shopping, banking and sharing online. Proactively prevents malware from stealing sensitive data such as username, password, credit card number, bank account details or other sensitive data that you type on your keyboard. Protects every keystroke as you enter it.

  • Anti-Phishing Software
    Anti-Phishing Software

    Detects dangerous fake sites to prevent phishing attacks.

  • Daily Alerts
    Daily Alerts

    Spot fraud quickly with daily monitoring of your credit report and alerts you if key changes are detected.

  • Delete Now
    Delete Now

    Removes your personal information from online databases - so identity thieves can't use it to commit fraud.

  • Identity Threat Alerts
    Identity Threat Alerts

    Get alerts when your personal information is at increased risk due to data breaches.

  • Fraud Alert Reminders
    Fraud Alert Reminders

    Help place fraud alerts on your credit file if your identity is at risk to prevent identity thieves from opening new lines of credit in your name.

  • Junk Mail Opt-Out
    Junk Mail Opt-Out

    Stop thieves from snatching your personal information out of your mailbox or trash. Removes your name from the most frequently used marketing databases and stops pre-approved credit card offers

  • Medical ID Fraud Protection
    Medical ID Fraud Protection

    Helps review your medical benefits statements to ensure that you and your family are the only ones using your medical benefits.



  • Lost Wallet Assistance
    Lost Wallet Assistance

    Quickly cancel and replace credit, debit and ATM cards if your wallet is lost or stolen.

  • Fully Managed Restoration
    Fully Managed Restoration

    Complete, comprehensive recovery services from Certified Protection Experts available 24/7. Specialists do not just assist the consumer with identity restoration, they save the consumer hundreds of hours by completing all the paperwork, making calls and doing all the heavy lifting to make sure the consumer's identity is restored.

  • Toll Free Customer Service
    Toll Free Customer Service

    Our experienced team of member service professionals are on call to answer your questions and provide support.



  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
    $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

    Recover out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages when your identity is stolen.

  • Online Financial Tools
    Online Financial Tools

    Learn how to protect your credit and make responsible financial decisions.

  • Identity Theft Resource Center
    Identity Theft Resource Center

    Provides information to better understand what identity theft is and how it happens; practical tips for reducing your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft; frequently asked questions and more - to help keep identity and your information safe.

  • Child Protection
    Child Protection

    IdentityForce ChildWatch is a child identity protection package that makes it easy to protect your kids.