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Why can't I see my Scrambler?

The Scrambler is a unique feature of IDF's products and is located within your Internet browser. Its purpose is to provide a visual representation of the key-for-key replacement process.

If you are unable to see your Scrambler then you will need to check the following:

  • Have you rebooted your computer since you installed IDF's Online Protection Suite?
  • Is you Internet browser in focus? I.E. is your browser the active application?
  • The Scrambler should be located in the top right hand corner of your Internet browser.
  • If not, it will likely re-appear when you next restart your browser, or if that fails when you next restart your computer
SentryBay Scrambler

I want to run a web conference and users cannot see my browser screen

To address this you can temporarily turn off the anti-screen capture function of the software. Access this from the Settings tab which can be found after clicking on the Scrambler or on the shield on the bottom right of your screen.

My real characters are showing in the scrambler

This is likely to occur because you are running another program that is also attempting to access the characters, such as Keyscrambler or the report function from Trusteer’s Rapport program. We recommend you disable or uninstall the other program, as IDF’s software is providing a stronger level of protection.

Then close down your browser and restart it. If that fails, restart your PC.

When I type different characters are showing up than I type

Just restart your browser, or if that fails, restart your PC.

Another icon is overlapping with the IDF Scrambler

Some programs put an icon in the same part of the browser as IDF. Often you have the ability to move such icons. Contact the software owner of these programs to see if they can be moved.